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Client Challenges

June 24, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Building strong client relationships is only the beginning; publishers need a programmatic partner who can help them navigate the inevitable challenges of a complex industry. In this video hot take, three members of Rubicon Project’s Seller Account Services team explain how Rubicon has responded to seller challenges with increased transparency and new tools and services.


What are some challenges publishers face in the programmatic market?

Sara Tady, Senior Director, Seller Accounts:

I think one of the biggest challenges that our clients are facing right now is dealing with transparency in the marketplace, so everything down from the bids, and how buyers are bidding into an auction, all the way through to what the fees are, and what partners are charging for the working media.

Peter Orlowski, Senior Director, Accounts:

We’ve been talking to sellers that have been very interested in taking full advantage of the capabilities of header bidding, and there is a wide variety of ways to do that. I think one of the biggest challenges is the lack of standardization.

Matt Brown, Director, Seller Account:

They more so than ever care about exactly where their inventory is coming from. And with header bidding, with aggregators coming in, they want a consolidated view of inventory.


What is Rubicon Project doing to help solve these challenges?

Sara Tady, Senior Director, Seller Accounts:

One of the things that we did is removed buy side fees.* We were hearing in the marketplace that buyers were unhappy with fees, they weren’t very transparent, so we eliminated buy side fees. Another thing that we recently did is when we shifted our auction over to a first price auction, we made sure that everybody knew. And we were really communicative in the marketplace to make sure everybody was comfortable with us moving over to first price.

Peter Orlowski, Senior Director, Accounts:

One of the things that is missing from that standardization, that Rubicon has put into place recently is Prebid Analytics – an ideal dashboard that brings all those disparate data pieces together and allows a seller to create a strategy, and get the insights that they need all in one location, all in one user interface.

*Rubicon Project stopped charging buy side fees in November 2017.

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