Thought Leadership

Client Relationships

June 20, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Publishers need a trusted partner to help them navigate the fast-paced world of ad tech and make the most of every impression. In this video hot take, three members of Rubicon Project’s Seller Account Services team explain how they build strong relationships with their publisher clients, and how those relationships contribute to better monetization.



What is the key to having strong relationships with your clients?

Sara Tady, Senior Director, Seller Accounts:

So one of the ways that we really work as a team is we take this consultative approach to helping our publishers understand their entire ad stack. It’s not just about Rubicon. It’s about how all of their monetization partners are working for them and making them the most money possible.

Peter Orlowski, Senior Director, Accounts:

I think that where Rubicon can clearly differentiate is understanding what makes each and every individual seller unique, what their tech stack looks like, and the strategy behind that tech stack. That gives us a huge opportunity to not only leverage their existing tool set and mindset, but allows us to most effectively layer on our technology, our services and products, to get them what they need and where they want to go.

Matt Brown, Director, Seller Account:

We work to facilitate conversations between buyers and sellers, and take those learnings to not only have each of those partners better their systems, but we take them and better our systems. We’ll build out mechanisms or systems or filters or features that support viewability vendors, traffic shaping, inventory quality tools, to make sure that both the buyer and seller are as comfortable with each other, and also Rubicon Project, to make sure that we build a trusted and reliable system for everybody in the programmatic space.

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