Deals for Emerging Formats

Deals for Emerging Formats

July 9, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Senior Director of Product Management Steve Hulkower explains why programmatic deals for emerging formats have different use cases, and need to be tailored to match the opportunity. 



So one of the very interesting things about deals is that the use cases for the deal depend on the maturity of the format. So we have lots of experience with banner ads, both in a desktop and a mobile environment, and that deal format really has reached a maturity level where buyers and sellers really know what they’re doing and they just need to be able to talk to each other. But when it comes to the new emerging formats – so digital out of home, audio, CTV – all the great stuff that video’s gonna bring, those are much newer formats that deals don’t have the exact same use cases for. So it’s very important that you are able to tailor your deal offering to that format, and make sure that you’re offering the right opportunity to buyers, and you’re providing the right information to be able to make sure the audio campaign transacts. That the CTV campaign is gonna transact. Those details are shared correctly. And so a lot of work is being done to create those different types of marketplaces for the different formats, because they really, while they all can get traded in the same place, by the same DSPs and the same SSP, they need to really be looked at independently.

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