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How Does Rubicon Project Educate Buyers and Sellers?

April 30, 2019

In this five part video series, our Managing Director of UK and Nordics Steve Wing, recaps the trends and key takeaways for programmatic advertising that were presented at Advertising Week Europe in London.

Part V focuses on the need to educate publishers and buyers.


Steve Wing AdWeek Europe AW360 Live Interview

Jack Hershman: So, how much of your time is spent on, sort of like, an educational awareness?

Steve Wing: We spend a lot of time educating. We work with incredibly smart publishers and incredibly smart buyers and incredibly smart DSPs. So there are people like ourselves who are living this day in and day out, and there are lots of people who can’t be that close, but are obviously interested and, again – coming back to this now – has programmatic fulfilled its promise? It’s now a material percentage of most people’s revenue, so they want to pay attention. So, we spent a lot of time trying to educate people about what we know, and, conversely, listening. I get taught a lot by people. So it’s both, I think, a big portion of my time would be trying to make sure that people understand why they should be doing things, what the benefits are.

Jack Hershman: When you when you get stuck, how do you work your way out of it?

Steve Wing: That’s an amazing question. I go for a swim. I think that’s probably my easiest answer. Front crawl. I have a little mini iPod that’s waterproof, which either plays music or it gives you audio books. But if I’m stuck I’ll have no music, and I’ll just go for a very, very long swim, which by itself is really tedious. And somewhere in those laps, then I’ll manage to get myself unstuck, hopefully.

Jack Hershman: [00:07:56] Fantastic. I may take up swimming. Thank you very much.

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