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Essential steps to maximise mobile web revenues

September 12, 2016
By Marketing

Mobile advertising is set to make up two-thirds of total worldwide digital spend by 2018. As we gear up to that, in 2016 some markets will already see up to 75% of mobile spend transacted programmatically¹. With that in mind, it is the perfect inflection point to take a step back and ensure that your mobile strategy is completely up to date and in check:


1.Mobile Tags: Ensure you have a separate ‘Mobile’ site in your account, with mobile specific tags.

2.Banner & MPU: MPUs are a great way to benefit from desktop spend. Discussions with buyers should centre around the ability to purchase your audience with premium formats, regardless of device type.

3.Video: Take advantage of one of the fastest growing sectors in advertising right now by making your video offering mobile-first. Create additional in-article or in-feed video inventory through our new Inline Outstream video ad format.

4.Intelligent Inventory Allocation: Our next generation solution for header bidding, FastLane, unifies the strength and scale of our independent marketplace with your direct sold campaigns. Increase the reach and effectiveness of your mobile private marketplace deals, in turn increasing your revenue.

5.Unified Auction/Baseline/Fastlane: As the industry is increasingly moving towards a unified auction model, mobile is no exception. Bringing all demand sources into the platform will help to boost fill rate and CPMs.

6.Orders for Mobile: Ensure that you set up mobile packages in both your Guaranteed Orders account (as well as Non-Guaranteed aka private marketplaces) to access additional spend for premium mobile placements.


“As a mobile- first publisher, with over half of our traffic now coming from mobile, we have known for a while that getting our mobile monetisation right is critical to our future success.

“Throughout this process, Rubicon Project has been a key mobile partner, both in terms of the technology as well as the excellent support and strategic guidance.”

Shaun Jordan, Sales Director – Digital, Trinity Mirror

1 Source: eMarketer

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