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Evolution of ID with Header Bidding

February 19, 2019
By Garrett McGrath, VP of Product Management

In part two of this series, VP of Product Management, Garrett McGrath, discusses how IDs are evolving as the ad tech world continues to move to header bidding.

How do you see user identity evolving with header bidding?

As most of the world goes to header bidding and and eventually header bidding goes more and more server-side, the concept of at least web base identity gets a little bit more difficult but it needs to evolve to a universal ID model. There’s 2 to 4 out of there today but I doubt there will be one universal ID to rule them all in the future but to the extent that web-based transactions can agree on a common name space or a set of common IDs that allows them to not have to cookie sync, not have so much access to the page and be able to transact accordingly. The rest of the answer has to do with the fact that more of the world moves toward mobile transactions and there is no concept of cookie sync in mobile. The ID Is the ID. It’s transacted through a chain of  events of selling an ad and it’s a much easier way to transact.

My name is Garrett McGrath, I’m the VP of Product Management here at Rubicon Project.

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