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Evolution of mobile in 2019

January 11, 2019
By Michael Barrett, President & CEO

Watch Rubicon Project CEO, Michael Barrett, discuss how mobile will evolve in 2019.

How will mobile evolve in 2019?

I think that all those [mobile] growth rates have come with basically zero instance of header bidding. It’s basically been a very standard process where we’ve been doing that for years, monetizing publisher supply directly, monetizing through partners. But generally speaking more in the PMP and the OMP, but not the header world. I think what’s exciting in 2019 and beyond will be this big opportunity when header moves to server-side. And server side becomes the predominate way that publishers monetize their inventory. That opens up a world of mobile inventory that we don’t even see you today because of the mediation and where we fall in the waterfall. So I think what’s really exciting is when header moves to server, that will have a huge impact on mobile monetization opportunities. I feel we are really well-positioned to take advantage of that and be a leader in that with our involvement in Prebid and our efforts that we’ve already done on the server side.

I’m Michael Barrett, President and CEO of Rubicon Project.

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