Thought Leadership

Evolution of the PMP UI

June 18, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Senior Director of Product Management Steve Hulkower discusses The Rubicon Project’s role in pioneering Private Marketplaces, and the new Deals UI being developed to meet the needs of a changing ad tech industry.


How has the Private Marketplace UI Evolved?

The Rubicon Project built the first Private Marketplace UI for buyers and sellers to work together to create deals, and that UI was really helpful in pioneering deals and moving the industry forward. We’re now in the process of revamping that UI to really better fit the needs of different formats.

Where the banner space is in need of much more like an availability tool, that makes it very easy for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other and work together. But formats like audio, like CTV, like Digital Out of Home, they’re much more nascent, and the idea of building packages that buyers can shop through, much more like a marketplace of opportunities.

We’re building towards that idea so that we can have a much more format-specific marketplace for each of these different formats, that while they’re all traded programmatically, they all have their interesting nuances and interesting details and so we don’t want to try to lump them together into one big central system.

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