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Full Funnel Focus: The State of Transparency in Video Ad Performance

August 20, 2019
By Sambit Patnaik & David Bridges

As programmatic video budgets swell, transparent reporting is necessary to fully optimize ad dollars. To help publishers better monetize their stack, Rubicon Project is building out special analytics tools for video as part of its central reporting platform. 

Here are the three focal points we’re targeting as we bring more transparency to programmatic video reporting. 

Consolidated Reporting

Data isn’t actionable if it’s not readable. To help our publishers better access their performance data, we’ve consolidated all performance metrics into one single view. With our Video Funnel, our publishers and accounts teams get a consolidated, single-page view of ad performance by account, highlighting video requests, and filtered by dates. This analytics tool aggregates the meaningful data, which saves publishers time. It also provides a macro-view of the entire programmatic lifecycle, so publishers can see everything from the percent of filtered requests to render rates in one centralized place.

Faster Troubleshooting 

For a video ad to perform seamlessly, any latency or signaling errors must be fixed in real-time. To this end, we’ve built a Video Error Reporting UI to give publishers full visibility into any issues a video ad encounters, including specific VAST Error codes and even a missing parameters report. This takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting and saves our publishers the headache of having to hunt down the source of performance issues. An ad that fails to render means zero viewability and wasted revenue. By providing more granular insights into performance issues, we hope to save everyone money and improve outcomes for all parties. 

Performance Benchmarks

Beyond ad performance, publishers want to know where they stand in the marketplace. Is their pricing reasonable, when stacked up against their competitors? Are other media providers getting better rates, or transacting more in the same space? If so, why? To help our partners better benchmark their business, we’re now surfacing data to shed a broader light on how our publishers measure up against other media providers in similar areas, be it news, entertainment, or sports, etc. With a bid status and floor price report, we can see pricing presented graphically and by number. This helps us guide publishers to optimize yield on each impression in their specific market. 

Ultimately, visibility provides agency. When we onboard publishers, we want to provide them with easy-to-use tools so they can best see the factors contributing to ad quality and performance. We also want to empower them to work with us as trusted partners, with access to actionable data. With our intensified focus on transparency for programmatic video, we hope to lead the industry in an effort to improve video reporting, so ad dollars go further and publishers squeeze the most efficiency and value out of every impression. 

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