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Growing Greater European Partnerships

March 4, 2019
By James Brown, Head of EMEA

James Brown, Head of EMEA, on why it is important to take a closer look of Europe and how to establish a strong relationship with each region.

What have you learned from working with various teams across Europe?

I love working across Europe. I think it’s absolutely fascinating. Europe is a rich tapestry of lots of different countries and I think each of those countries exhibit different behaviors as it relates to programmatic. Whether that is different levels of header bidding penetration, or different ways of transacting revenue. For example, within private marketplaces, some countries exhibit over 50% of revenue transacted by private marketplace. In other markets, like Spain, they are in an earlier stage in that journey. Some countries like to work with very few partners. They want a much closer relationship with one or two partners and others are happy to work with a broader range of partners. There are definitely different regional differences and all of those add up to how important it is to have local market teams based in those countries to really understand local market behavior. To have strong customer relationships and crucially understand and speak their language.

I’m James Brown, Head of EMEA at Rubicon Project.

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