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Header Bidding’s Impact on User Identity

February 11, 2019
By Garrett McGrath, VP of Product Management

In part one of this video series, VP of Product Management, Garrett McGrath, walks us through the impact header bidding has had on user identity.

How has header bidding impacted the concept of user identity?

User identity has probably been the one thing header bidding to not help. The access to the page by the various ad tech vendors who are trying to do cookie base matching and cookie base transactions. The availability of them on the page goes down because they are called from the header, the header bidding process runs, and generally speaking if they win the auction then that they have access to the page. In the waterfall model, most vendors were actually on the page with the tag that gave them access to the domain to, to the page which let them sets cookies pretty easily. Where as cookie matching and cooking synching were an afterthought and header bidding made that much more difficult.

My name is Garrett McGrath, I’m the VP of Product Management here at Rubicon Project.

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