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How are you evaluating your SPO options?

November 21, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Ari Paparo, CEO Beeswax, explains how his incentives are aligned with his customers, and how he’s working with partners to eliminate waste. Dan Larden, Global Strategic Partner, Infectious Media, talks about synthesizing data from buying platforms and suppliers to automate SPO decisions.

Video Transcript

How are you evaluating your SPO options?

Ari Paparo, CEO Beeswax:

In terms of how we’re evaluating SPO, we’re working with our partners to understand what tools they have available. We’re looking at the data. We’re making tools available to our customers that let them buy us. They’re buying towards what they want, and attract less of what they don’t want. And uniquely among DSPs, we actually charge our customers based on the volume of auction requests, which means we’re aligned in our incentives. We don’t want waste, and our customers don’t want waste.

Dan Larden, Global Strategic Partner, Infectious Media:

When we were running through our own proprietary technology, it was a lot easier, so we had a lot more control there. So speaking to exchanges, speaking to our different buying platforms, and understanding what we can and can’t toggle inside the systems that we’re buying from, in terms of cutting out direct or cutting out resellers.

And then understanding the supply path, so it’s – there’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of the controls that we can fiddle with, or, you know, understand what we can do on the demand side.

But then there’s also the other piece coming from the supply side. So what data can we ingest directly from the sellers. Publishers are releasing a lot of data now to buyers. SSPs are now releasing log data as well.

So ultimately that whole project is now about us trying to fit all that data together. Again, in a way that we can make some automated decisions, and then make sure that we can actually use the right platforms to actually then go and act on those insights that we’ve got from the data.

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