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How important is PG for your business?

January 21, 2020
By Rubicon Project

Depan Ravalia, Digital Operations Director, News UK, and Christian Waurich, Director Programmatic Supply at Publicis Media, discuss the challenges and opportunities of Programmatic Guaranteed, and how they plan to leverage PG in the future.


How important is Programmatic Guaranteed for your business?

Depan Ravalia, Digital Operations Director, News UK:

I think programmatic guaranteed is essential to our business, because first-party data is going to be very, very important, and we need to build that trust with those buyers, to make sure that they can trust the first-party data that we’re offering.

So, there’s going to be interesting changes in our industry as we all know. Cookies are going to be going away. IDs are a thing that we all need to collaborate more on. But then the shift to programmatic guaranteed needs to happen as well.

It’s a massive part for us. We’re building products based on User IQ, which is an offering of our first-party data, and that’s more declared data, and that’s what we want and we see is key to making these things work. The last two years we’ve just spent on cleaning up what that looks like. As you can imagine, News is a multi-channel, multi-media company, so we have The Sun, The Times, Wileys, we’ve got Talk Sport, Virgin Radio, not to mention News Corp as a whole. We sit on a wealth of declared data, and just getting that tidied up, making it useful for advertisers is probably key to making sure programmatic guaranteed works in the future. And then that is making trust work between both parties. Because the reliance on third party data needs to go away. And we need to have that better use experience for our users and our advertisers.

Christian Waurich, Director Programmatic Supply at Publicis Media

We are limiting it on video. It’s usually becoming way more important during Q4, when supply gets less, or at least demand is increasing, naturally. Then we have to do programmatic guaranteed, especially on video inventory.

There are still quite a few challenges that we need to overcome, we all as an industry, finally, and it will take some time.

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