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How Prebid’s User ID Module Empowers Publishers

February 3, 2020
By Rubicon Project

If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

If a programmatic ad runs, and its viewer can’t be identified, does it deliver value? Not as much as it could, according to marketers. For buyers, identity matching is critical to running targeted ads. For publishers, identity matching increases the value of their inventory, driving monetization. 

Traditionally, 3rd party cookies have been used to track identity. But this method is under increasing strain and headed towards extinction, as evidenced by Google’s recent announcement that Chrome will stop supporting 3rd party cookies by 2022. The burden of syncing cookie data overloads browsers and adds latency on the page, delivering a poor user experience while creating fragmentation and data loss. 

With ID matching playing such a critical role in the buying and selling ecosystem, the entire industry could benefit from speaking the same identity language. To do so, ad tech would need to standardize its approach — in a way that puts publishers in control of their data. While this may seem daunting, all journeys start with small steps. Enter Prebid’s User ID Module.’s User ID Module Improves Monetization

Prebid’s User ID module enables publishers to access several standardized identity solutions, including The Trade Desk’s Unified ID, LiveRamp’s Identity Link, LiveIntent’s ID, and DigiTrust. Through Prebid’s User ID module, publishers can administer first-party cookies in the header bidding wrapper and determine which IDs are transmitted to which buyers. Instead of having to sync IDs with dozens of demand sources, publishers and DSPs can more efficiently identify user information, streamlining the entire process. This reduces bulk and more effectively identifies known users.

All Roads Lead to Community-Driven, Standard Identifiers

With the rise of open source and standardization in publisher-facing ad tech, publishers are getting more direct control over identity and data. Meanwhile, and initiatives like The Advertising ID Consortium, are undertaking community-driven projects to make identity a shared, collective asset. Importantly, by embracing a spirit of collaboration, independent companies can better compete against the walled gardens, who boast access to unlimited first-party data. The first step towards this more collaborative, standardized approach to identity, however, starts by embracing Prebid’s User ID Module. 

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