Thought Leadership

How Rubicon Project is increasing PMP revenue for publishers in Japan

May 30, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Toru Hirose, Account Director, Rubicon Project Japan, offers his take on the Japanese programmatic market, and how Rubicon is driving better outcomes for buyers and sellers of digital advertising. 


How does  Rubicon Project support publishers’ PMP opportunities?

We focus on 3 things; format, market insights and deal type. Firstly, Rubicon Project  created a unique format solely for PMP deals called Gate. Gate is a high impact format that is effective for branding campaigns and often returns premium CPMs for publishers. Second, we leverage our buy-side relationship with DSPs and agencies to understand the latest demand trends and pass these market insights onto publishers.

Lastly, we provide 3 different types of deals to match the buyer’s preferred deal type. Rubicon Project provides Standard, Curated Marketplace and Programmatic Guaranteed to cover market needs. Using wisely the variety of prioritization, publishers can reach out to more PMP opportunities.

What is the PMP trend in Japan?

Since the industry moved to first price auctions for header bidding inventory, PMP demand has increased since DSPs are looking for new ways to enhance their reach and minimize their costs.  PMPs enable buyers to understand how much they are spending, at what  price, and exactly where their campaigns are delivering.
A common misconception is that PMPs are only suitable for branding campaigns, but major retargeting buyers are also incorporating PMPs into their buying strategies to secure the most effective inventory for their campaigns.

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