Thought Leadership

Improving User Experience in Programmatic Video

June 6, 2019

Product Management Director Sambit Patnaik explains how Rubicon Project is working to improve user experience in programmatic video.


What are the key issues impacting user experience in programmatic video?

So ad load, creative quality, and then ad placement are the key issues that impact user experience for video. In addition, for long form and short form video, repeating ads are a problem that also impact user experience. Now creative quality issues or ad render can be addressed by strictly adhering to existing standards, and there’s a lot of VAST standards around. Repetitions are a bigger problem, just because it needs consistent standards around targeting, competitive separation and frequency capping, so those need more collaboration. The goal for advertising, especially for long form video, is to use and support server side ad insertion, also known as SSAI. SSAI blends in the ads into the content, so that the user experience is seamless. Rubicon is doing a couple of initiatives: one is participating with IAB to form the standards, and second is improving our core tech on our platform to handle the video better. So we are constantly looking at our platform and making sure that we limit the number of network calls, which will make ad load times better for customers, and would be beneficial both to the publishers and buyers. I’m Sambit Patnaik, I’m a Product Manager for Video and Audio here at the Rubicon Project.

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