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Increasing Monetization in a Mobile App World

December 11, 2019
By Matt Cunha

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, the mobile app industry is booming. According to projections, there will be 258.2 billion app downloads worldwide in 2022. Eager to capture mobile audiences, brands are building out custom in-app mobile monetization programmatic strategies.

Historically, however, mobile app inventory has been segmented across various exchanges and mediation platforms. This makes it difficult for buyers to plug into one streamlined marketplace. Here’s how Rubicon Project is helping our buyers access premium mobile supply, and improve mobile monetization in-app.  

A Focus on Supply Path Optimization

Having the right partners can improve efficiency, and consequently, monetization. Here, Rubicon Project helps brands align their buying strategy when they’re thinking about things like Supply Path Optimization (SPO), the practice whereby buyers deliberately choose specific supply sources, and choosing the most transparent buying options.

We also work hand-in-hand with our buyers to facilitate the most efficient flow of connections, and arm them with tools and insights to help enhance their buying activity.

Through investments in buy side tools (such as nToggle), and running a well-lit, transparent marketplace, we’ve earned the trust of buyers and have positioned ourselves to be an essential exchange partner for buyers across the ecosystem. As a trusted guide, we can help buyers create custom, on-demand mobile media plans built to scale. 

Know Your Numbers

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. For mobile media plans to be successful, ad performance numbers must be fully transparent. Rubicon Project delivers ads to approximately one billion unique monthly devices, and our targeting and reporting solutions can track ad performance on each one of those devices.

With access to rich insights at their fingertips, our buyers can drive consumer engagement and reach targeted mobile audiences where they are.

Our partnerships with MOAT, Bluekai, Nielson, Comscore, Tapad, and LiveRamp also ensures advertisers can access the rich analytics, viewability, and granular performance insights necessary to increase the value of their programmatic mobile campaigns. 

Leveling the Playing Field for In-App Inventory

As header bidding solutions evolve in mobile, open source solutions provide more transparency for app developers and buyers alike. Prebid offers a true in-app header bidding solution that moves beyond the waterfall and levels the competitive playing field for bidding on app inventory. As a founding member and active supporter of, Rubicon Project is committed to developing the most transparent and open programmatic buying solutions for our brands. 

In the Wild West of the programmatic mobile app world, Rubicon Project is here to help buyers best engage today’s mobile consumer. While mobile app advertising was once just a small line item within a brand’s campaign budget, it has now become a mainstay of brands’ marketing and monetization strategies. As a trusted partner, we’re here to help buyers take advantage of mobile’s growth, across a variety of deal types. 

To learn more about our media plans, or in-app inventory, email us at

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