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Industry Challenges

April 24, 2019

In this five part video series, our Managing Director of UK and Nordics Steve Wing, recaps the trends and key takeaways for programmatic advertising that were presented at Ad Week Europe in London.

Part IV focuses on the industry challenges, including supply chain transparency and data privacy.


Steve Wing AdWeek Europe AW360 Live Interview

Jack Hershman: Are there any other problems that the industry needs to solve this year?

Steve Wing: I mean, yeah. The panel, what we’ve been talking about was the thesis that programmatic was becoming mainstream and was growing up, and obviously any kind of growing up will experience highs and there’ll be some pains as well. I think transparency, there’s a whole piece of work around transparency in the supply chain. Understanding what happens between an agency buyer and the publisher, who’s involved in that, who gets paid, how it gets measured, and there’s lots of good work on that. And I think that’s something that will definitely, to a lesser or greater degree get solved. Hopefully we’ll do it collectively as an industry. There’s issues around transparency. But also there’s things around capabilities, understanding, there’s kind of structural things. How do you set up your teams for success in a world that changes? So I think there’s a there’s a sequence of things that need to get fixed. The big one would be just reassuring people that the use of programmatic tools and capabilities, the use of that data, done professionally and brilliantly, is very safe and will give you fantastic outcomes, and you should be able to understand exactly who’s getting paid in that. So I think we just need to reassure people that the market is a good market.

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