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Key factors behind our growth in video and audio

January 10, 2019
By Michael Barrett, President & CEO

Watch Michael Barrett explain why video and audio shone bright for us in 2018 and what we can expect for 2019.

What are the key factors behind our growth in video and audio?

Video and audio are real bright spots for us. We called that out on a number of earning calls and it really is validating for us when we talk about being the supermarket, and I know the marketing folks hate that term but it’s pretty easy to conjure what that means. We created those marketplaces. If it wasn’t for us working with some great anchor tenants such as Spotify, we wouldn’t have created those programmatic marketplaces. It’s a real testament to being out ahead and investing in new media types. And it really paved the way. I would say we are probably less of a pioneer as it relates to video and we are playing catch-up and we have some work to do. On our product roadmap you’ll see those efforts bear fruit in 2019. But we are taking existing clients that have video assets, mostly web based, and satisfying their needs. We’re not only just monetizing banners, we’re monetizing video, we’re monetizing audio, and we want to be that one-stop shop. I think that’s a pretty important value proposition. That excites me, that is the kind of validation of our market approach–and it is differentiated. Our competitors are not investing as much as we are in new media types, they’re investing in hot growth media and that’s a big point of differentiation for us.

I’m Michael Barrett, President and CEO of Rubicon Project.

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