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Kicking off! Global publisher Q&A series

March 7, 2014
By Jay Stevens

Following our Mobile Leader interview series last week, today we are announcing a series on publishers, programmatic and advertising automation.

We caught up with publishers from around the world, from Viacom in the United States to the Financial Times in London to La Place Media in France to the Czech Publisher Exchange, to highlight some of the strategies and best practices they are adopting around automated advertising.

You can read quotes and find links to detailed interviews with some of the speakers involved below – all posted on Jack Myers’


Publishers and Programmatic: Six Questions To See If You Are Embracing Automation


Jon Slade, Commercial Director, Global Advertising and Insight of Financial Times

“We are happy to surface ourfirst party data… why wouldn’t we add value by doing that? We’ve said that from day one. Every impression on has up to two dozen targetable data points against it, so our task is to bring that data together and create smart packages for our customers that help them reach the perfect audience target.”

“Our salespeople are compensated on every dollar sold via private marketplace, fundamentally because it still needs a sales job done if it’s going to be done properly.”

Read the full interview with the Financial Times


Lori Tavoularis, Managing Director, Revenue Partnerships of Tribune Digital

“At one point we did not think we would allow Rising Star or Rich Media via programmatic and now we are”.

“There needs to be a mindset that programmatic is just another product or offering from a publisher instead of that it is a completely different revenue channel.”

Read the full interview with Tribune Digital


Matěj Novák Managing Director of the Czech Publisher Exchange (CPEx)

CPEx “is a co-operative of 5 leading Czech online publishers who joined to sell programmatically to better face the competition of global players like Google and Facebook.”

“We have no DMP yet, but it is the most important initiative that we see for 2014. We believe it makes a lot of sense to share a part of the data across the publishers involved in the co-op as the competitors here are Google and Facebook, both having a huge coverage of the online population. We can be competitive only if we manage to reach a similar coverage scale and are able to offer tailor-made user segments to our clients.”

Read the full interview with the Czech Publisher Exchange (CPEx)


Chris Pirrone, General Manager, Sports Digital Properties of USA TODAY Sports Media Group

The group is “fully engaged with programmatic across all channels (direct, private and open marketplaces) and see it as a necessary source to drive demand for our large set of display, mobile and pre-roll inventory.”

Read the full interview with USA Today Sports Media Group


Martin van der Meij, Head of Revenue Development of Telegraaf Media Groep in the Netherlands

“Our salespeople are compensated on every dollar sold—manual, direct order automation and auction. Salespeople have a responsibility at an advertiser level. This means we don’t care how they spend their money. As long as they spend budgets with us.”

Read the full interview with Telegraaf Media Groep


Rob Brett, Vice President of Programmatic Sales at Viacom Media Networks

“Allowing clients and agencies access via automated channels is critical for the digital business, the scale and speed will demand it.

Read the full interview with Viacom Media Networks


Brian Quinn, Chief Revenue Officer of Triad Retail Media

“Invest in a dedicated, tech-savvy programmatic sales team that is integrated with your existing display teams. Implement “everyone gets paid” comp plans to reduce internal friction/turf issues.”

Read the full interview with Triad Retail Media


Dilem Guler, Head of Business Digital Web of Expressen in Sweden

Expressen is “looking into a programmatic sales commission model”.

“For us programmatic premium is important from a strategic point. It gives the opportunity to use our first party data in an efficient way. But also to get the advertiser and agency to commit on yearly budgets”

Read the full interview with Expressen


Fabien Magalon, Managing Director of La Place Media in France

“Our top 25% demand is now highly competitive with the bottom 25% of our premium publishers sales, consequently we are now willing to more intelligently allocate impressions between the direct channel and the indirect channel”

Read the full interview with La Place Media


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