Thought Leadership

Michael Barrett on Emerging Markets

June 26, 2019
By Rubicon Project

President and CEO Michael Barrett talks about why Rubicon Project has always been a leader in emerging programmatic formats, and what kind of new media he’s bullish on.


What emerging markets are you bullish on for ad tech?

So, we’re already in quite a few. Traditional media — so we’ve always come up with the idea that if it can be bought or sold programmatically, you’ll find it on the Rubicon platform, so we’re in quite a few markets that some of our competitors aren’t in: Digital Out of Home, Video, Mobile, etc. I suppose from a media-type standpoint, the newest on the platform, which is kind of old now, would be audio, right? That was interesting to see that move as quickly as it did.

Keeping on that theme of audio, everyone has a voice assisted device in the house now. Ad supported will probably be a part of that picture going forward. Programmatic makes a lot of sense. So I think, probably more extensions of where we find ourselves playing today — as opposed to “we’re going to disrupt the medical community with ad technology.”

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