Thought Leadership

Mobile Market Perception

August 13, 2019
By The Rubicon Project

As mobile audiences grow, mobile programmatic continues to gain momentum. Matt Cunha, Senior Sales Director, Mobile, talks about the growing opportunity for programmatic in the mobile space.


Video Transcript:

What is the market perception of programmatic in mobile?

In general, when you look at the biggest opportunity for programmatic and the biggest opportunity in our industry, I think people still look at mobile. And it’s been that way for a while, but I think mobile adoption’s only gotten more and more prevalent for users. More and more eyeballs are on there, and engagement is in mobile phones. And there’s a drastic, I guess, difference in the spend and the money that’s going through mobile app versus what’s going through desktop, even though there’s a lot more eyeballs on mobile app today. So, I think people see it as an opportunity, but something that’s still somewhat challenging and unique to figure out.

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