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Mobile native inventory now available on Rubicon

June 10, 2014
By Joe Prusz

Rubicon Project’s technology platform has been selected to power the InMobi Exchange, the world’s largest mobile native advertising exchange, as announced recently. At today’s AdMonsters OPS event in New York, I talked more about what we’re bringing to the industry and why there is a need to bring a scalable solution to mobile native advertising.

Together with InMobi we hope to reignite mobile advertising with native ad units, which mirror the organic look and feel of a given mobile app, site or service. These integrated, organic experiences offer unprecedented engagement rates, meeting the needs of consumers, sellers and buyers alike.

For instance, in its initial beta program, the InMobi Exchange found that native advertising units:

●  Achieved 5X higher yield for sellers than traditional banners

●  Delivered 4.5X the ROI to buyers

●  Were easy to create, repeat and repurpose for each new buyer, resulting in an average of 2.5 scalable custom creative ad units per seller

Our collaboration with InMobi also creates the world’s largest mobile-first automated marketplace for buyers and sellers globally, and we are excited to be bringing unprecedented speed, efficiency and scale to mobile advertising.

For Buyers: The InMobi Exchange provides access to inventory across 30,000 mobile apps from leading developers worldwide. At launch, it reaches 759 million monthly mobile uniques.

For Sellers: The InMobi Exchange offers the most advanced native advertising SDK, along with reach to hundreds of programmatic buying platforms and tens of thousands of advertisers worldwide.

Please contact us here to get started.

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