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Mobile Shifts

August 27, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Matt Cunha talks about recent trends in mobile, and how mobile publishers are shifting towards new monetization partners.

Video Transcript:

What are some shifts in programmatic mobile in the past few years?

So mobile app in general has been a little bit slow to programmatic trends compared to desktop. It’s a little bit more of a complicated environment to build for, a little bit more unpredictable than desktop. So in general it’s still been very waterfall dominated. In recent years I think we’ve seen more and more adoption of exchanges in favor of ad networks, and we’re seeing more and more of the desktop partners starting to enter into the mobile app space in recent years, and more and more of these mobile publishers looking to desktop partners to answer their monetization woes.

I think in general for the programmatic landscape what we’ve seen is, up until this point, it’s been really dominated by SDKs and dominated by ad networks, each one coming in with, you know, different specialties on formats and different SDKs. I think in the last year or two we’ve seen a lot more of an emphasis on publishers forcing these networks to really kind of prove their value, and being more discerning on who they’re integrating.


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