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How to Monetize Short-Form Video

November 20, 2018
By John Peragine, SVP, Global Head of Video

What’s the best way to monetize short-form video content?

Well obviously with the Rubicon Project of course. Short-form video content, which is video that is less than 10 minutes in length that usually lives amongst news, sports and entertainment sites. This type of content has been successful when Publishers use both the open market and private marketplace to create healthy auction dynamic by creating that healthy competition between the two different auction dynamics.

What are the advantages of working with a unified platform?

Working with a unified platform like the Rubicon Project makes it easy for a Publisher to consolidate all of their ad units and really run their whole business in one place. In the pass Publishers and media owners would have to use many point solutions to manage their business. This makes it cumbersome and challenging to really understand everything that is going on in a real time environment. Being able to consolidate a day of your business into one platform that is able to run multiple ad sizes helps a media owner and publisher really control their business and maximize yield. And the strategy that Rubicon Project has is really to make sure all the features and device type supported inside of our platform are as strong as any of the point solutions just consolidate in one place.

Hi I’m John Peragine ,the SVP and global head of the video at the Rubicon Project.

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