Thought Leadership

More Valuable Deals

July 16, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Steve Hulkower, Senior Director of Product Management, explains how Rubicon Project is innovating to create more valuable deals. 


Why should publishers run deals with Rubicon Project?

Rubicon project offers one of the best deal systems in ad tech. We’re building clean and efficient passive supply through Prebid and Demand Manager, and we have a team of experts who have been running deals for many years and really know how to match the types of options we have for deals with the needs of buyers and sellers to make sure we drive really good outcomes. 

How has header bidding enhanced the value of deals?

So header bidding has really opened up even more opportunities for deals. It’s helped shore up the use cases, it’s opened up far more inventory than has ever been available in programmatic. Buyers can get levels of prioritization that weren’t available before, and you know as we mature header bidding, as products like Rubicon’s Demand Manager get more adoption, it really does create nice clean paths to run PMP through, to make sure that buyers are getting access to the best inventory from the sellers, and are winning at the rates that they expect.

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