Thought Leadership

New Publisher Tools

July 30, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Steve Hulkower, Senior Director of Product Management talks about the new publisher tools Rubicon Project is creating to improve deal outcomes for both buyers and sellers.



How is Rubicon Project improving deal outcomes?

Rubicon project has put a lot of focus on really improving our sell side tools, so that deals are just easier to create, easier to manage, and easier to fix. Because the reality is that deals is an imperfect trading mechanism for RTB, and things don’t go right every single time. So the faster you can find those problems, the faster you can solve them and get that deal back up and running, the better it is for the buyer and seller. So we’re really investing in the tools that help the deal work, and ultimately we’re going to get it to a point where it just works right out of the gate. But we all know that isn’t exactly where the industry is, so fixing things as fast as we can is really valuable.

How does Rubicon Project help identify opportunities in deals?

Rubicon Project provides a number of tools to help both buyers and sellers understand the opportunity that a deal can provide. So we are giving out data in our UI that shows the number of unique users, the number of impressions that the deal is eligible for, viewability scores, the estimated market rate value, so buyers and sellers can really get a good opportunity of whether this deal has the potential to scale, and whether the pricing that they’re talking about is in the correct ballpark for the value of the seller inventory, and even how it’s going to win in downstream auctions. And make sure the buyer’s really getting what they want out of the deal.

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