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News Limited PMPs now powered by Rubicon Project

November 27, 2012
By Jay Stevens

Leading Australian publisher News Limited has announced that its real time trading and private marketplace offerings will be powered by Rubicon Project’s REVV™ platform.

The announcement also marks the first time News is selling its domestic inventory through RTB.

News’ private marketplaces will initially be available to advertisers across eleven categories including lifestyle, business, entertainment, news and sport on an invite-only basis.

All of Australia’s leading media buying agencies have accepted News’ invitation to participate and are currently actively trading on the platform.

News Limited’s move follows those of Glam Media and the Wall Street Journal, who both announced Rubicon Project-powered private marketplace in the last month.

Private Marketplaces Explained

Private marketplaces (also known as private exchanges) are a way of defining and enforcing the rules around a direct sale with a particular agency and automating them through the real time bidding protocol.

Private marketplaces promise better yields for publishers, and preferred access to premium inventory for buyers, without the overheads and legwork of direct.

Increasingly publishers are offering 1st party data as part of their private marketplace deals – as they look to further increase yield and safely leverage the data they bring to bear, many publishers are seeing private marketplaces as bridging the gap between premium and standard RTB auctions.

Rubicon Project’s REVV Connect technology reduces friction in the way trading desks, demand side platforms and publishers create private direct deals by showcasing marketplace opportunities, streamlining deal negotiations and automating deal execution at scale – find out more.

Read the full release, including comments from News Head of Commercial Development Jason Barnes and Rubicon Project GM International Jay Stevens.

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