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One-to-One at Scale

April 16, 2019

In this five part video series, our Managing Director of UK and Nordics Steve Wing, recaps the trends and key takeaways for programmatic advertising that were presented at Ad Week Europe in London.

Part I focuses on the growth of programmatic, and whether the industry has fulfilled early expectations.


Steve Wing AdWeek Europe AW360 Live Interview

Jack Hershman: Good morning everyone, and welcome. I am Jack Hershman, the editor of AW 360, and it’s a pleasure to be joined by Steve Wing from the Rubicon Project. How are you sir? So, I just want to dive straight in. With this idea that sort of years ago programmatic advertising came onto the scene with this promise of one-to-one engagement at scale. Some people think it has lived up to expectations. Others are slightly more skeptical. What do you think?

Steve Wing: Well, interesting. I think we can look at the data. So, if you look at any of the market forecasts, that could be an eMarketer forecast, Magna Global, or any of the forecasts, you’ll see that as a percentage of digital display transactions – so how much gets bought and sold through direct sales channels, how it used to be bought and sold, versus programmatic techniques – programmatic is the majority way of doing business in most markets. So it’s becoming the de facto way of impression by impression, data-led buying and selling. So I think it’s definitely lived up to the original ambition. It’s certainly at scale. We operate a Global Exchange. We’re in every single country in the world. And the panel, we’re actually talking about the fact that the capabilities are getting so sophisticated. There used to be one programmatic product, that was display. You now have video, you have audio, you have mobile, you have connected TV, digital out of home. So it’s beginning to enable the buying and selling of all media. So yes, definitely lived up to its promise.

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