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Open Source Integration

October 25, 2018
By Vanessa Farrar, Revenue Solutions Director for Video

Video: How do I integrate header bidding?

There’s player bidding, which means that header bidding is controlled within the player itself.

You can integrate through the page load, so when the page loads it calls your header bidders, and your header bidders will then pass in their bids. On player load, which means that your SSPs are called when you press play on the video player.

How do I know which integration strategy is right for me?

Rubicon Project is very consultative in trying to understand your video strategy needs. We’ll set you up for success. We’ll understand how to implement you the best way possible so that you can drive the best competition within the header.

Rubicon makes it easy for you to integrate. More importantly, we have support, we have understanding. Our account managers are always here to help guide you in the implementation process. And I think the biggest advantage with Rubicon is we understand the value of your content and your supply. Open source allows us to be transparent, gives publishers the trust they need so that we can monetize their inventory in an open forum.

My name is Vanessa Farrar, I’m the Revenue Solutions Director for Video at Rubicon Project. I sit between Product and Sales and help publishers connect through video.

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