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VIDEO: Partner Perspectives – Cookies

September 18, 2019
By The Rubicon Project

The impending demise of the cookie – and the future of identity – has been a hot topic at recent ad tech industry events. We sat down with some of our publisher partners to get their perspective on the future of identity, and how consumer privacy initiatives will impact programmatic advertising.


Are cookies dead?

Felix Zeng, Head of Programmatic Sales, IBM Watson:

I don’t know if they’re gonna be completely dead. I think it goes back to the industry, where we said “ad networks were completely dead.” I think there’s the over-dramatization.

I do feel that you’re gonna get a lot more restrictions. And so we’re really gonna have to see what value that third party cookies can bring, and what’s the long-term value they can provide. But I do think they will still exist, just not in the way that – as expansive as it is now.

Frost Prioleau, CEO, Simplifi:

You know, all of us in the data, who use data, have to make sure that we’re getting clean, opted-in data. And so in general I think we’ll have less data available, but the data that we have available will be higher quality, and will be opted in by users who are readily willing to share that data, which is the way it should be. So I think it’s all a positive, positive direction here.

Sara Badler, SVP Programmatic & Revenue Strategy, Dotdash:

Intent is really where we see the industry going, and it’s how we work. All of our verticals are kind of like helping you in that time of need, in that action. And that’s where we’re really focused and honed in on.

Jason Randall, CTO, Amnet:

I think we’ve been calling for the end of the cookie for quite some time now. So I think there’s still more, and I think it’s wise of us to continue looking for, you know, how do we use more first-party cookies, do we use devices more, you know, what does that look like too. So definitely having those conversations, that’s part of the clean supply piece too. That we look at, how do we have a persistent identity that kind of spans across even the cookie space?

Michele DeVine, Senior Director of Programmatic Partnerships, BuzzFeed:

Google, Facebook, Apple, they are all closing their walls, and so it’ll be pertinent for publishers to find an identity solution that doesn’t rely on cookies. I think that BuzzFeed is in a good position because we can rely on our contextual alignment, in the short term.

But we’re going to be leaning on our tech partners, like Rubicon, to help collaborate with us and find an identity solution that can scale beyond cookies.

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