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Partner Perspectives: Criteo

December 2, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Marc Grabowski, EVP Global Supply at Criteo, reviews industry trends that have impacted his business in 2019, and talks about the impact of Programmatic Guaranteed.


What are some industry trends Criteo has seen this year?

There are a couple: one, I think the industry has finally recognized that being focused on privacy, being focused on the user intent is clearly key.

The users that are a little bit more empowered than ever before, and I think that’s a really good thing.

Changes to first price auctions, that’s a pretty major change. It’s better than having these non-transparent second price auctions, having floors that aren’t always communicated.

What is Criteo’s focus for the remainder of 2019?

On the supply side one of our biggest priorities is to continue to grow in-app. In-app has become a much larger piece of our business over the last year. We’ve seen that coming for some time as well, and we’re going a lot of direct to publisher for app, as well as through our supply partners.

We recently built an SDK, and we’ve rolled it out with a few hundred publishers in our alpha test. we also do server to server connections, for app, and we continue to grow our business through our different RTB partners.

Connected TV and audio are a couple of things that we’re testing right now. They’re very early stage, but we also know that users are spending their time on connected TV devices, they’re spending a lot more time on audio.

How does Programmatic Guaranteed impact Criteo’s business?

Publishers are looking for better ways to monetize. If they can parse out segments of inventory, make sure that it’s bought on a guaranteed basis, one, they have the reliance of being able to know that that inventory’s sold, and, two, they can structure deals that are going to be more profitable to them.

So ultimately, it becomes good for everybody. It’s great for buyers as well, because if you have that reliance of the type of inventory, the level of performance, the better it’s going to be for buyers as well.

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