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Partner Perspectives: GumGum

December 12, 2019
By Rubicon Project

GumGum’s SVP of Commercial Development, Adam Schenkel, offers his thoughts on programmatic trends, Supply Path Optimization, and the future of contextual advertising.


What is GumGum’s focus for the remainder of 2019?

As the cookies go away and it becomes more difficult to target users specifically, contextual is going to be something that most people lean on as a way to target appropriately and find the users who are engaging with content that they would deem relevant to their brand.

At GumGum we’ve done that for a long time, using natural language processing for the contextual portion of things. But we also use computer vision – which is image recognition – to understand the page at a holistic view into what is that image about, what is the text on that page about, and giving the buyer a full lens into a the inventory content that they’re buying, to keep their product brand safe.

What are some trends GumGum has seen this year?

Brand safety has been a large trend. Transparency is a large trend. Of course we’re seeing Sellers.json and supply chain as something the industry is finally starting to adopt. Which I think is great, to give a better eye into all the inventory, and all the relationships that are out there, who’s working with who. And I think that’s fantastic. So I think those are two trends that we’ve been noticing here at GumGum.

How does GumGum think about SPO?

Well, I think it flows right in with transparency. So having a transparent understanding of not just where your supply is coming from, but also what is that, what is that margin that you’re taking? And then looking at that, and saying okay great, I know the margin they’re taking. I know that they’re getting it directly from this publisher. This should be the most effective way to buy this person on this website, you know, in an open market situation.

And I think you guys are doing a great job at exposing a lot of that data to clients, to buy side clients, to allow them to act appropriately and look at Rubicon in that light. I feel like, as far as supply path goes, they have a very easy decision to make when looking at the supply that you guys offer.

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