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VIDEO: Partner Perspectives With IBM Watson

September 25, 2019
By Rubicon Project

In our ongoing Partner Perspectives series, Felix Zeng, Head of Programmatic Sales at IBM Watson Advertising, talks about emerging formats in programmatic, SPO, and why he’s chosen to partner with a select group of large SSPs.


What emerging formats does IBM Watson see in play for the industry?

We’re bringing out AI creative Watson ads, off property, and we’re introducing a builder which allows third parties to build AI creatives for any advertiser. So, I think AI is one of the newest trends out there. It’s going to change our lives. But how does it apply to advertising is one of those questions that’s constantly being asked. And we demonstrate that, and so it’s going to be one of the new interesting things in ad tech.

How does IBM Watson think about Supply Path Optimization?

We always talked about how challenging it is to find value across a large number of players. At IBM Watson we never believe in onboarding a large number of partners. We obviously work with Rubicon, and select large SSPs. And we believe that’s the right way to do things, because I think complexity breeds a lot of value that personally has no long-term value. And the players who create long-term value are the ones who are going to be the remaining ones in SPO.

There’s a lot of alternatives now to access our inventory, and whether it’s SPO on the buy side or on the sell side, there’s just going to be a small number of partners. And, as a result, you won’t need the 28th SSP in your header. And so there’s going to be some dominant players, and we know who they are. And I think it’s going to be a consolidation, and it’s going to be a header bidder only with those specific partners.

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