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Partner Perspectives: The Future of Identity

October 24, 2019
By Rubicon Project

We asked a few of our partners for their thoughts on the future of identity in the programmatic world. Their ideas span from the resurgence of contextual advertising to open source Prebid solutions.


What is the future of Unified ID?

Adam Schenkel, SVP Global Commercial Development at GumGum:

As cookies go away, and more adoption takes place with contextual advertising, it works out well for us. We’ve seen that, already started to take place in the European Union as GDPR went into effect, and I think the new California privacy law, and the other laws in the states, as they come about, that’s going to be something that just continues to amplify all this stuff.

Kenneth Suh, COO at Unruly:

I’m kind of excited about it, because it means we can get away from a big drop-off in audiences that are dark to buyers. It really wastes a lot of inventory for publishers. A lot of third party data can sort of not be accurate, so if you have some sort of deterministic ID system or an ability to make that data connection much stronger between users, it’s just going to benefit all of us.

David Goddard, VP Global Programmatic Strategy at BBC Global News:

It’s pretty hard to try and get everyone to work together. You’re seeing really good examples of it with the Net ID in Germany at the moment, which is a fantastic effort and reaping good rewards. We can’t end up, though, with individual countries and individual solutions, because we then become a fragmented ecosystem yet again. So it’s like, could we take Net ID and scale it everywhere, or could we find another idea that everyone could scale to? I hope so.

Tim Sims, SVP of Inventory Partnerships at the Trade Desk:

Unified ID has been a huge initiative for us for the last year, and we’ve had some really critical milestones this year in 2019, not least of which is the release of Unified ID into Prebid, which we did in partnership with Rubicon. And I think that’s a major milestone because now Unified ID is available in both of the predominant header wrappers, and what that does is create distribution for the ID across the industry.

So hopefully what we’re accomplishing together with Rubicon is bringing a common currency to the open internet so that we can have great fidelity across open internet, so that we can deliver messages to the consumers that we’re trying to reach from an advertiser and marketer perspective.

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