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VIDEO: Partner Perspectives with Unruly

August 29, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Why Programmatic Guaranteed Works

Kenneth Suh, Chief Operating Officer at Unruly, offers his perspective on how Programmatic Guaranteed has helped to level the playing field for publishers.

Video Transcript

I’m Ken Suh, I’m the Chief Operating Officer at Unruly.

What is Unruly’s Mission?

Unruly’s mission is to be the tech and team that transforms advertising for the better.

We want to win the hearts and minds of our brands and our people. We’re really trying to think outside of the box of simply just outstream, but again, rich media display, OTT, audio and whatever else.

How does Programmatic Guaranteed impact your business?

For the past couple of years, I feel like publishers have been at the mercy of some new statistic, or some new metric, before they get paid.

It sort of feels like the pendulum has swung a little bit more to the buyers to say “send me everything and I will pick and choose what I want, maybe, sometimes.”

And it really just feels like you’re spraying and praying. And this is really nice, because we can say “you want to buy me, my brand and my audience, and you can do that programmatically. I’m going to send you all this inventory when I reserve it for you, but you have to buy it now.”

And let’s get back to a level playing field, and I love that concept. So I love PG (Programmatic Guaranteed) for publishers. I think it’s going to allow them to have more predictable revenue, much stronger inventory management, and it’ll hopefully get them back on some level playing field.

Especially for those big brands, like News Corp and others, who invested so much in their brands, to actually have some sense of control of how that inventory is sold is really exciting.

So we fully support PG in the exchange, and we hope it grows.

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