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PG and PMP for Sellers

April 29, 2020
By The Rubicon Project

Ashley Wheeler, VP Account Management at The Rubicon Project, talks about the seller benefits of Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) and Private Marketplaces (PMP), and how The Rubicon Project has made these deals more effective.


Ashley Wheeler:

Rubicon’s PG offering is exceptionally flexible. I think the value of Programmatic Guaranteed is really that it allows buyers and sellers to transact on these formats that have traditionally always been reserved for direct.

You think about homepage takeovers, or roadblocks, or these cool custom units. Those were really difficult to transact on programmatically, because they’re not standard. And so, what PG allows us to do is to have buyers and sellers transacting on those bigger, brighter types of executions.

We’ve been able to do this fairly flexibly, not just with one or two DSPs – but opening it up to the world of DSPs who might want to transact that way.

If sellers are going to provide value for buyers, they have to offer them something above and beyond what they can get in just the open auction. And so, from Rubicon’s perspective, we’re really trying to provide the tools that make that easy for them.

We’re creating, you know, better audience segment management, so that first party data is able to transact more seamlessly.

We’re creating these workflows that allow third party vendors to come in and create these custom units for publishers.

And, again, we’re creating different mechanisms by which buyers and sellers can negotiate and transact on deals that are above and beyond what they’d be able to do in the open marketplace. So I think the focus for us is really around differentiation, and then streamlining those workflows between buyers and sellers.

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