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Most Pivotal Milestone for Ad Tech in 2018

January 16, 2019
By Tom Kershaw, CTO

In part one of this series, Rubicon Project’s CTO, Tom Kershaw, shares what he believes was the most important milestone in ad tech in 2018.

What has been the most pivotal milestone for ad tech in 2018?

It’s definitely the evolution of header bidding towards a standard platform. Header Bidding is a technology publishers use to augment their revenue and its moved from a technology to a platform that we all use to run our auctions. We are moving to a unified auction, a first price auction, and a clearly-signaled, transparent auction type enabled by a set of code and processes that we collectively own as an industry. We really had a chance a year ago to run down a road where we were all competing on building the same technology and fighting over header bidding tech. But we move beyond that to where we shared the code, we own that as a community and we all have basic standards on how our auctions run. That’s a huge move forward for this industry because it will allow us to compete fairly and transparently. To compete on features and not spend all of our time on integrations and mashing things together. I think it’s going to really help us collectively move forward as an industry.

I’m Tom Kershaw, CTO at Rubicon Project.

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