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Prebid for the People, A Hot Take with Phil Meyer

May 2, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Publishers value the power and transparency of Prebid technology — but the technical complexity of header bidding can be daunting. Phil Meyer, Director of Product Management, describes some of the ways we’re working to simplify Prebid for everyone.

Why is Rubicon Project developing tools for Prebid?

Our goal in developing this technology is to make it easier for non-technical people to participate in the activity of managing a Prebid wrapper. For a long time, Prebid has been the province of engineers, both from a development perspective as well as an implementation and management perspective. Of course, there are many systems, many advertising systems like SSPs and ad servers, that business people have the ability to control. We feel that Prebid needs to be another one of those systems, so a lot of the work that we’re doing, particularly in the product realm, is about making it easier for business people to interact with the wrapper itself. Another component to that is we need to be able to teach people what the wrapper is doing and how it works. So, at Rubicon, we play this sort of beneficial game of telephone, in which we take information from kind of the very, very technical side and process it through layers of translation, so that businesspeople, people who work with our clients every day, are able to understand it and then share that knowledge. So there’s two sides of the coin. One is developing tools for those people, and the other side is the knowledge component.

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