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Prebid Tools, A Hot Take with Phil Meyer

May 7, 2019
By Rubicon Project

One reason publishers love open source Prebid technologies is because they want to be able to fine tune their header bidding strategies, adjusting to new information and conditions on the fly. We asked Phil Meyer, our Director of Product Management, about new tools being developed to put publishers back in control.

How is Rubicon Project helping Prebid operate more efficiently?

From the product perspective, we’re working on an analytics system, so we submitted an analytics adapter to Prebid in April 2018, and have a system for processing and exposing that data within Performance Analytics, within the Rubicon Project UI. So this is a reporting tool that gathers data from the wrapper, and exposes it back to the user.

In addition, we’re working with to improve the debugging and monitoring tools that exist within Prebid. So you sort of have two approaches. One where the reporting is really about being able to gather aggregate level data that shows how well Prebid is performing at scale, and then the debugging and monitoring tools are about being able to look under the hood, and analyze the wrapper running in real time, using the insights that you’ve gathered from the analytics.

There was a lot that we didn’t really know about how header bidding actually worked in the real world that we’re finding out and getting documented now that we have these tools.

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