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Programmatic buyers look ahead to 2020

December 18, 2019
By Rubicon Project

As we wrap up 2019, it’s important to take a minute to look ahead to the future.

We asked Rubicon Project partners Martin Van Der Meij of Wavemaker, David Newman of Dentsu Aegis Network, Miguel Nieto Amesti of Havas, Alice Ansidei of Mindshare, Jon Levinson of Adobe Advertising Cloud, Ari Paparo of Beeswax, Christian Waurich of Publicis Media, and Dan Larden of Infectious Media to discuss what their companies are looking forward to in 2020.


What is your biggest focus moving into 2020?

Martin Van Der Meij, Digital Srategy Director, Wavemaker:

Trying to make things a little bit more simple. Looking at KPIs that are being used, looking at video strategy, I see that there is a big challenge to convert your offline knowledge to online knowledge.

David Newman, Managing Partner, Programmatic at Dentsu Aegis Network:

A big focus at the moment is trying to navigate some of the large changes that are affecting our industry at the moment, through the likes of regulation, or through some of the limitations with audience tracking.

Miguel Nieto Amesti, Head of Programmatic Engagement, Havas:

(translated from Spanish) For the coming year, at Havas Programmatic Hub, which is the group’s programmatic unit, we want to add other emerging channels to the entire programmatic discipline. Such as out of home, or programmatic TV.

Alice Ansidei, Programmatic Operational Manager, Mindshare:

I think my biggest focus would be supply path optimization, trying to drive more efficiencies, working with more trusted and fewer trusted partners

Jon Levinson, Head of Platform Partnerships, Adobe Advertising Cloud:

I would say the biggest focus and opportunity for Adobe moving into 2020 is largely around connected TV, what we can do there, the different types of targeting that we can start to bring to bear.

Ari Paparo, CEO at Beeswax:

So our biggest focus, moving into 2020, is allowing marketers to really in-house and to take control over their programmatic buying. Our platform is very flexible, and we’re attracting  marketers who really want to understand at a very granular level what they are buying, why they’re buying it, how much it costs.

Christian Waurich, Director Programmatic Supply, Publicis Media: 

My entire role is about programmatic supply. So the focus is on supply path optimization. It was a focus for 2019, it is a focus for 2020. We always try to optimize the partners we are working together with. And yes, try to keep it as lean as possible.

Dan Larden, Global Strategic Partnerships Director, Infectious Media:

So our biggest focus moving into 2020 is all about emerging media. We’ve talked about out of home and audio and TV a lot, over the last year, and I guess over the last 18 months. But we’re now seeing an actual shift in terms of our money moving towards those formats this year. And next year we see even more going into those emerging media formats.

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