Thought Leadership

Programmatic Evolution

August 7, 2019
By The Rubicon Project

Rohan Creasey, Country Manager ANZ, explains the evolution of the programmatic industry in his region, and why ANZ is such an exciting place for adtech to grow.



What is the current state of programmatic in Australia and New Zealand?

Yeah, it’s changed a lot of course. It’s evolved I think, the understanding has grown. I think generally people’s grasp of the mechanics of programmatic has improved and it’s an exciting place to be right now. I think header bidding has made a huge impact in this last year I think that has been adopted widely. I think Prebid’s become mainstream. I think – all right I know – that deals have sort of receded a little bit, PMPs, but they’re coming back as well. I think people are grappling with how to do things in this new header bidding world that we’re in, in this new Prebid world. But it’s an evolving marketplace. It’s full of smart people in Australia. We’ve got the advantage, I guess, of isolation. It’s also a disadvantage, but it allows people to be quite agile and, as I say, people are learning very quickly, and there’s a lot of smart folks making some more informed decisions, I think now, about who they work with and why. It’s a great place to be.

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