Thought Leadership

Programmatic Guaranteed

June 25, 2019
By Rubicon Project

How is Programmatic Guaranteed opening up new possibilities for buyers and sellers? Steve Hulkower explains the development of Rubicon Project’s Programmatic Guaranteed offering.


What is Programmatic Guaranteed? 

Programmatic Guaranteed is a pretty new offering for ad tech. It’s been around for a few years, and each party is a little bit in different spots for how well they do things. The DSP side and the SSP side are all hard at work at trying to make the offering really seamless and work as well as it can. The offering that Rubicon has we’re very excited about. We think it’s really important to offer a good programmatic guaranteed product and to really make it easy for sellers to set these up, to manage them, and to transmit the right information to the DSP so that the buyer setup can also be easy and these transact very seamlessly. Because that’s what needs to happen to make PG really work.

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