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VIDEO: Programmatic Identity with the Trade Desk

November 7, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Anna Forbes, UK General Manager at The Trade Desk, discusses how the industry will move away from 3rd party cookies and how Unified ID helps address this pressing issue.


What do you think is the most practical ID solution for the industry as it moves away from 3rd party cookies?

As the industry moves away from third-party cookies, that’s absolutely going to be a consolidation around which IDs we’re using to ensure that the open ecosystem retains strong match rates and improves further. So, all in all, it’s a good thing for both consumers and publishers, and, of course, the marketers as well that help fund all of that.

So we have our own solution called Unified ID, and we’ve seen absolutely fantastic adoption rates since we launched about a year ago. There are other ID solutions out there. We don’t compete with them. It’s just the fact that we wanted to start things moving and ensure that there was something out there for our competitors, but also for our partners like Rubicon to use.

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