Thought Leadership

Programmatic in LATAM

August 14, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Patrizio Zanatta, SVP LATAM, talks about how Rubicon Project has shaped the programmatic market in the Latin America region.


We opened up in 2014, and we were probably the first one, or one of the first platforms to actually open up in Latin America, with people on the ground in Sao Paulo and in Miami. And so we leveraged our contacts and our international contacts especially, in other offices, in more advanced markets like Europe and the US. So we’re bringing whatever works in these kinds of regions, and bringing it to LATAM. And, for instance, one of the things I’m most proud of is that we were the first one to do Digital Out of Home, because we were doing it in the US. So I picked up the phone and I called my counterpart, and I said, “Hey we’re doing the same thing in the US, why don’t we do something like this in Latin America?” And this is how –– we set up a test in probably a couple of months, and we were live, and now we’re working steadily doing Digital Out of Home.

Rubicon Project, it’s a hundred percent programmatic company, and we’re also a global company, which means that we have offices around the world with a different step of evolution in the programmatic system. Whatever was working in the US, and whatever my publishers in Latin America are facing, what kinds of problems they’re facing now, they were probably fixed in other regions a couple of years ago, so this is what basically I’m doing. We are consulting. We’re taking the publishers and the buyers by their hand, and saying “Hey, this is going to be the future, and the problems you’re having now were fixed in this specific way in other, more advanced regions a couple of years ago.”

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