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Programmatic is Becoming an Integral Part of Spotify’s Business

January 7, 2020
By Rubicon Project

How and why is programmatic and automation fast becoming an integral part of Spotify’s business? Zuzanna Gierlinska reveals how Spotify is fully invested in making their premium audience available through automated channels.


Spotify is fully invested in making our quality audiences and premium inventory available through our automated channels. Programmatic is an integral and growing part of that, as is our self-serve platform, which is Ad Studio.

We’re continually looking at ways to innovate, and we put our clients very much at the front and center of that. So considering what kind of business outcomes they’re looking to drive, and ensuring that we’re delivering ROI from a product perspective, we will be bringing out some new and exciting formats to market on the programmatic front, so watch this space.

But, as well as product innovation, we’re really focused on and invested in continuing to educate our sales teams, and enable and enrich their capabilities around programmatic. Being able to articulate the unique first-party data Spotify has, along with our premium inventory, and then helping our clients to rationalize what’s the best channel to buy that through, be that programmatic direct or self serve, is absolutely the cornerstone of our sales strategy.

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