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Programmatic Trends in APAC

October 15, 2019
By Rubicon Project

Yogesh Sehgal, Regional Manager Asia at Rubicon Project, talks about programmatic trends in the APAC region, the growth of video and audio, and how programmatic guaranteed has helped introduce new publishers to programmatic monetization.


What trends do you see in the APAC region?

Video has taken off by leaps and bounds in last eighteen months or so. OTT video and OTT is the main focus for us.

There are users who are consuming hours of content, much more than what you see in the US and Europe market. So that’s where the entire basis set up.

People are consuming audio because they are always on the move. It’s a mobile-first market, so it makes sense for brands and advertisers to explore the audio piece.

How does Programmatic Guaranteed benefit both buyers and publishers?

It was kind of hard for publishers to allocate an amount of inventory towards programmatic, specifically when there was no commitment on the non-binding piece, but then the programmatic guaranteed came in as an option.

Buyers get sort of access to the level of inventory that they want. They get access to the publishers that they want. And sellers have their sort of guaranteed you know commitment from buyers that they’ll spend this much money on my inventory.

It’s sort of one way to move from very conservative publisher who’s not really keen to move to programmatic, to get into the programmatic bandwagon by the way of programmatic guaranteed.

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