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Quarantine Q&A: How Koharu Hagiwara is Adapting

April 17, 2020
By The Rubicon Project

Covid-19 has altered the way people in our company work, keeping us at arms-length even as Rubicon Project and Telaria employees integrate efforts. We spoke with Koharu Hagiwara, APAC Revenue Operations Specialist at Rubicon Project, to find out how she is doing, what’s keeping her sane, and to discover any tips she has for getting through this trying time.

What is your name?

Koharu Hagiwara

What do you do at Rubicon Project/Telaria?

I am a Revenue Operations Specialist at Rubicon Project in Tokyo, Japan.

How are you doing with the quarantine?’

I’ve been working from home almost 5/5 days in the last few weeks, and I do not go out if it’s not necessary.

What adjustments have you made to your work life?

Since I can work at any time while I am at home, I have changed my working style:

I start work earlier and finish earlier, then I get back to work a bit before I go to bed.

There’s no need to wait for my replies much 🙂

What gets you going in the morning?

A shower and a hot coffee.

Do you have some productivity tips for working from home?

Make sure you have a monitor if possible.  Also, have a good smell in the room :).

What are the best things you’ve experienced during this situation?

No commuting is the best thing so far. It helps me mentally a lot, since I hate packed trains.  I’m experiencing easier time management. With no commute, there’s no need to go outside to get food and no distractions. Everyone asks minimized, summarized questions.  My lifestyle is also changing. I’ve started exercising at home, which is great to help me keep both my mental and physical health.

How are you keeping in touch with friends and family?

I talk to my family at least once a week.

What is your favorite recipe you’ve concocted out of things lying around the house?

Sandwiches – Prosciutto, cream cheese, orange, olive oil, salt, & back pepper.

What are you doing to stay occupied outside of work hours?

I watch Nextflix, drink, surf the internet, and take baths.

How are you staying active during this situation? Are there any exercise videos or tips you recommend?

HANDCLAP – It’s an easy but good exercise video :).  I also bought a foam roller, which I highly recommend.

What TV shows, movies, or books do you recommend?

On Netflix: London Spy, Sugar Rush, おっさんずラブ, YOU, Living with Yourself, Love is Blind.

On Instagram: Animals!!! My favorite account: keyush_the_stuntdog

When all this is over, how will you celebrate?

I would love to go back to my hometown to see my family :). I will give them hugs and have drinks!

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