Thought Leadership

Rubicon Project’s 2018 Performance

January 8, 2019
By Michael Barrett, President & CEO

Watch what Rubicon Project CEO, Michael Barrett, believes were the key factors to our 2018 growth.

Why did buyers and sellers transact more with us in 2018?

I think trust is the main reason. We made a lot of difficult decisions to get to the point where we find ourselves a new reference. Q3 earnings obviously show the momentum–the growth we wanted to bring back to the business. And the way we did that was by making a series of hard decisions for both our buyers and sellers. For buyers, we listened hard and we said “OK, fine no fees”, so we took away buy side fees. And we also listened and they said “the auction dynamics with the whole industry are rather murky,” so we went to first price. And then they said “woah, don’t move to first price, it’s going to kill our algorithms.” And we said OK, and invented this tool, Estimated Market Rate, for them. Every asked they have, we met and exceeded and I think that’s what you’re seeing from the spend side. And from the publisher side, they never fired us, they just were disappointed that we were never really leaning into Header. So what did we do? We grew from 200 installations to over 1300. In many cases we are the leader, we embrace Prebid and we are bringing them more money they ever before. I think it all leads to a general heading of trust.

I’m Michael Barrett, President and CEO of Rubicon Project.

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