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Rubicon Project’s Top Product Enhancements in 2019

January 21, 2019
By Tom Kershaw, CTO

In the second part of his video series, CTO Tom Kershaw highlights key projects in Rubicon Project’s 2019 roadmap.

What will be Rubicon Project’s top product enhancements in 2019?

Number one, taking Prebid forward and moving it into the mainstream so that every publisher can use it and have it support all formats, all types, all the time. Right now there is a Prebid version for video and it doesn’t really support mobile. So if you’re a publisher and you have multiple types of formats and multiple properties, you have to manage different stacks. That’s got to go and we have to make Prebid super easy to use for all formats, all properties, all the time for publishers. So whether it’s video, native, mobile or in-app, it should all have the same logic. Prebid is going to solve that problem. And the other part of Prebid for us is making it super easy. It’s just too hard for publishers right now. They should not have to hire analysts, engineers, gurus and fitness experts to do Prebid. It should be super easy. So that is issue number one for us.

Number two is putting video everywhere. We want video on every app, every webpage in every bathroom, in every microwave oven. You have to have video everywhere because it is a high-impact format. So we need to move towards these new ways of talking to our users with interactive video formats.

The third thing is we need to do a better job of establishing a continuum of buyers and sellers between old guaranteed business and the open auction. That means more options for our deals, more options for Programmatic Guaranteed, and really bringing Programmatic Guaranteed into the header so we have a way of having header bidding and traditional PMP‘s work together in a seamless way. Today, they haven’t quite integrated yet.

So I’d say, make header bidding work, get it to the next level, video-enable everything and flush out our deals business to give our publishers and buyers more options.

I’m Tom Kershaw, CTO at Rubicon Project.

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